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After 35 years at 44 Chapel Street it was time for a change to a web based operation and to offer guidance based on many years of practical experience.



RAS300 Aquaculture Training System-d1

We have spent some years developing a system that will let you experience the joys and difficulties that are associated with fish farming.

\\Before launching into a major aquaculture investment it is a good idea to get a bit of experience with growing fish and running an aquaculture system. At Soladome we have spent some years developing a system that will let you experience most of the joys, problems and difficulties that are associated with fish farming.

Many people like to rush into aquaculture – typically they buy some cheap tanks or containers and then start searching for pumps and filters and sort of try to “wing” it.

Fish farming has more in common with intensive animal husbandry – like feedlots rather than broad acre farming. Water quality and conditions change fast when the fish density is high so one has to be aware of these changes and do something before the fish go belly up.

If you want your fish to grow then you have to feed them. The faster they grow the quicker you can get them to marketable size and get some money back. Fish need optimum conditions for growth and as soon as you put food into the water the water quality changes and conditions move away from optimum.

Our RAS300 system comes complete with a complete water quality testing kit, instructions on how to set up the system, routine testing and checking, farm logbook, scales, food, sodium bicarbonate, and 100 fish. If you grow the fish from 5 Gms to 50 Gms we will buy the 50 gm fish back from you for $ 3 each and give you another 5 gm fish to grow..

We have an optional 12-volt back up aeration system to cater for those locations that suffer from 240-volt power blackouts

Each day you can train yourself to do the tasks that all good fish farmers complete, Observe the fish, feed the fish, complete water quality checks, drain sumps, clean filters and tank, carry out water exchanges, balance the water, check growth rates and carry out routine maintenance, write up farm logbook, check consumables and forward plan.

The RAS300 system has held fish in very heavy stocking densities and is rated for 100 gms of high protein fish food per day – this should produce an increase of biomass of 80 gms per day. The tanks is also decorative and allows observation of the fish from all sides as the tank is a clear plastic cylinder on top of a white cone base.

Schools have found this system meets their requirements for aquaculture training – each student group can have their own system and can compare results.