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After 35 years at 44 Chapel Street it was time for a change to a web based operation and to offer guidance based on many years of practical experience.



How do I start growing hydroponically?

Getting started

KEEP IT SIMPLE - Use readily available bits & pieces and keep the moving parts to a minimum

  1. A container of some sort - milk cartons, ice cream containers, plastic bottles and bags - in fact almost any non metallic container will do.

  2. An inorganic medium - perlite, rockwool, clay balls, versarock, or a well washed coarse river gravel to put into the container.

  3. Make up a balanced nutrient solution by either mixing a hydroponic nutrient powder in clean rain water or by putting a small amount of concentrated liquid hydroponic nutrient into water. Use the mixed up solution to keep the medium in the container wet.

Little seed starter kits suitable for hydroponics are available costing from $2.00

Mediums cost from 25 cents per litre upwards

Nutrients cost varies from 1/2 a cent to 9 cents per litre of working strength solution