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After 35 years at 44 Chapel Street it was time for a change to a web based operation and to offer guidance based on many years of practical experience.




What is Aquaculture?

Intensive Aquaculture is where the animals or plants are contained in some way for ease of feeding, handing and harvesting. These systems vary from the flow-through types of system like cages in pond or the sea to the fully enclosed recirculating systems where the water is cleaned, aerated and purified each time it goes round the system.


Hobby Aquaculture

Hobby means an activity you carry out for relaxation and enjoyment - even the taxman does not tax the benefits of a hobby - so long as the activity remains a hobby - a not-for-profit activity.


Pilot Aquaculture

A pilot scheme is a small version of your full scale aquaculture venture and is in the nature of a proving trial to test the assumptions you have made in your major plan.


Commercial Aquaculture

Practical advice, definitions and tips to help you start up a commercial aquaculture venture.


Information & Education

Some technical terms, conversion tables, maths and concepts that are handy to know about. Also includes more detailed technical and practical advice on how to start your system.


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